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Scott Poynton is an Australian forester who founded the Tropical Forest Trust (TFT) in March 1999. TFT became The Forest Trust in 2009 to reflect the organization's growing global scope beyond the tropics though it still works predominantly on issues surrounding deforestation in the tropics. TFT works with businesses to help them bring responsible products to market. Poynton sees deforestation as essentially a supply chain issue so working with companies to exclude deforestation from their products is a major focus of his and TFT's work. Businesses have to make money to make such commitments work and so Poynton and TFT help companies tell their responsible product stories in the hope that they'll make more money and employ more people by doing good business.


Up For Debate

Strong 'No Deforestation' Commitments Save Forests and Feed People

In Response to How Do We Feed the World and Still Address the Drivers of Deforestation?

March 11, 2013



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