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Patrick Meier is an internationally recognised thought leader on the application of new technologies for crisis early warning, humanitarian response, human rights and civil resistance. He is currently Director of Social Innovation at the Qatar Computing Research Institute. Previously, he served as Director of Crisis Mapping at Ushahidi and previously co-directed Harvard's Program on Crisis Mapping and Early Warning. Patrick holds a PhD from The Fletcher School, a Pre-Doctoral Fellowship from Stanford and an MA from Columbia University. He was born and raised in Africa.


Up For Debate

Crisis Maps: Harnessing the Power of Big Data to Deliver Humanitarian Assistance

In Response to What is the Future of Delivering Social Impact?

May 02, 2013








Opening Plenary 2012 Wed, March 28, 2012

Filing of the Opening Plenary at Skoll World Forum 2012.

Opening Plenary 2012 Skoll World Forum




Opening Plenary 2012

Stephan Chambers introduces (in order of appearance) Peter Tufano, Jeff Skoll, Hans Rosling, Judith Rodin, Patrick Meier, Roger Martin, Soraya Salti

Opening Plenary 2012 Skoll World Forum



Clouds, Crowds and Social Change - 2011

Innovations in mobile, social networking, cloud computing and open source offer tremendous promise toward bridging the people, institutions, information and efforts required for significant change. At the same time,critical challenges emerge ...

Clouds, Crowds And Social Change





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