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Keely Stevenson is an entrepreneur and an investor. She recently launched a new venture, Weal Life, which is dedicated to leveraging technology to make it easier for people to care for one another, especially during a health crisis, chronic illness or aging. She’s built global initiatives, including in her most recent role as CEO of Bamboo Finance USA. Bamboo is one of the world’s first and largest private equity funds focused on balancing social impact and commercial returns. She’s also built the world’s first online community for social entrepreneurs (Social Edge) as she was the first employee hired by the CEO of Skoll Foundation. She has worked on 5 continents building the field of social entrepreneurship with Acumen Fund, Triodos Bank, Royal Bafokeng Nation and the California Legislature. Keely serves on the board of several companies, lectures around the world and has studied politics at UC Berkeley and received an MBA from Oxford University. Keely was awarded the honor of being a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum. Her three years of service as a Kaiser hospice volunteer involved weekly visits to homes of people with terminal illnesses; this shaped much of her reverence for life and appreciation for the joy of meaningful human connection, resilience and the power of love, art, music, humor and meditation in healing.







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