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A former screenwriter and filmmaker, Jenny Bowen founded Half the Sky in 1998 in order to give something back to her adopted daughter's many sisters living in China's welfare institutions. She was convinced that training caregivers, teachers and foster parents to provide the nurturing care that neuroscientists say is crucial for healthy development, could transform the lives of institutionalized children. Half the Sky's 5 innovative programs now provide nurturing family-like care for thousands of children of all ages living in Chinese orphanages. In partnership with China's Ministry of Civil Affairs, Half the Sky has embarked on an initiative to train every child welfare worker in the country. In 2012, ChunHui Bo'Ai, Half the Sky's sister in China was launched. In 2008, Bowen received the Skoll Award. Her book, Wish You Happy Forever, a memoir about Half the Sky, has just been published by HarperOne.


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