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Jane Chen is the co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Embrace Innovations, a social enterprise that aims to help the 20 million premature and low birth weight babies born every year, through a low cost infant warmer. The Embrace Infant Warmer costs less than 1% of a traditional incubator, and has helped over 50,000 babies to date. The company's vision is to create a line of affordable healthcare technologies for women and children around the world. Chen is a TED Senior Fellow, and was selected as one of Forbes' Impact 30 in 2011. She was selected as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2012, and a Schwab Social Entrepreneur in 2013. She and her co-founders recently won the 2013 Economist Innovation Award.



David and Goliath Revisited Pt 2: Partnerships between Social Entrepreneurs and Big Business - 2012

How do successful partnerships between social entrepreneurs and big business get going?  What are the essential building blocks involved?  What are the tensions that might arise moving forward?  This session is one ...

David and Goliath Revisited: Partnerships between Social Entrepreneurs and Big Business





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