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Gustav Praekelt is the founder of the Africa-based Praekelt Group - a leader in the creation of mobile platforms and services for the majority world. His belief in the power of mobile phones to transform lives inspired him to establish the Praekelt Foundation in 2006 - A social business that develops scalable mobile solutions for social good, whose programmes have reached over 50 million people across 15 countries in Africa. After completing his degree, he co-founded Delapse, one of the first digital interactive studios in Africa and was its Technical Director for 10 years. In 2003, Gustav launched Praekelt Consulting as a consultancy that engineers digital media products delivering content and information to audiences in developing countries.


Up For Debate

The Role of mHealth in South Africa

In Response to How do we Cure mHealth Pilotitis?

February 20, 2013





Mobilmentum: Accelerating Mobile For Development SWF - 2013 Tue, May 21, 2013

Mo(bile)mentum: Accelerating Mobile for Development





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