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As Research and Evaluation Officer for the Skoll Foundation, Ehren Reed is responsible for assessing the impact and effectiveness of the Foundation's efforts in order to support ongoing learning and evidence-based decision making. He was previously a Director of Innovation Network, a Washington, DC-based evaluation consulting firm and brings over 10 years of experience managing research and evaluation projects for grantmakers and grantees in the fields of human services, human rights and advocacy.


Up For Debate

Moneyball Philanthropy Bad for Measuring Impact of Charities that Change the System

Part of a series on A Special Series on Evaluation: Complex Problems, Adaptive Solutions

July 07, 2014








Striking A Balance, For Good Measure Mon, April 28, 2014

Striking a Balance, for Good Measure



Embracing Complexity - Effectively Evaluating Both Models and Adaptive Initiatives Mon, April 28, 2014

Embracing Complexity—Effectively Evaluating Both Models and Adaptive Initiatives





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