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David Bonbright is Keystone’s founder and Chief Executive. A lawyer by training, he has extensive experience in international development as a grantmaker for institutions like the Ford Foundation and the Aga Khan Foundation and as an innovator in civil society strengthening. In the 1990s, he founded and led two South African citizen sector resource centres relating to organizational and sectorial development and to information and technology. David sits on a number of the boards, advisory councils and knowledge networks, including the governing board of CIVICUS Global Alliance for Citizen Participation, where he chairs the Programme Committee.


Up For Debate

Feedback is Insistent: Essential and Useable Metrics

Part of a series on Responses to Metrics 3.0: A New Vision for Shared Metrics

August 27, 2014





Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What's The Impact Of This All Thu, March 27, 2008

This interactive session recorded at the 2008 Skoll World Forum explored various approaches to assessing impact and leveraging these efforts to attract resources and drive organisational learning. Key questions included: Who are ...

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, What's The Impact Of This All




Whose Accountability Really Counts - 2009

Perhaps the most important issue in all social entrepreneurship is the relationship with stakeholders and how this is enacted in accountability measures and systems. Effective accountability can be seen as a key ...

Whose Accountability Really Counts?





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